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All About Corn

Lately, I have – as I do from time to time – thought a lot about corn. I’ll wait a minute for readers to grab a cup of coffee and… Read more All About Corn

Women Good, Men Bad

The other morning, I was trying to tell my husband about a conversation I’d had with a friend when he laughed, interrupted and said, “Is this gonna’ be one of those ‘Woman Good, Man Bad’ stories?”  I know what he means by “Woman Good, Man Bad” story. I also know that by interrupting he’s expressing his impatience with sitting through five minutes of details when the story has to end with me saying, “Can you even believe he did that to her?” A question that must be answered, “No, I… Read more Women Good, Men Bad

Mocktail Curious: The Sequel

The world of the Mocktail and the Sober Curious is growing every day. Whether you need to abstain for good or you’re just trying to lose weight, there are almost too many choices out there. Read on to see what I found out…