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Seriously Quirky Goes Mocktail Curious

Seriously Quirky is getting thin by going sober-curious – let’s get to reviewing some Mocktails and Cocktail alternatives!

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A quick glance at my blog roll reminds me that I’ve been giving in to perfectionism. In the last month I’ve just about worn my keyboard out, but fear has kept me from hitting the publish button even once – and I started this blog with an essay about just that very idea: freezing from fear that this blog won’t be perfect. All of my essays are blogs, but all my blogs aren’t essays – that’s part of my solution. I’m allowing myself to “just blog” at times. And those… Read more Blogs, Essays, Podcasts

Miss Ophonia?

An Essay As I sit down to write this a little dog barks in rhythmic intervals, leaving just enough time between barks for me to reengage with my sentence. Then he barks again. He pulls my attention back and forth, back and forth. He has a squeaky little bark and I imagine him as a cute shaggy little thing, standing by a backdoor where he can see his human in a back yard or driveway. He can see her, but he can’t get to her.  It’s driving him crazy.  He’s… Read more Miss Ophonia?

Smartie Pants WannaBe

An Essay Smartie Pants WannaBe I got pegged as a Smartie Pants early on. I got glasses in the 4th grade and I was already a skinny, knock-kneed kid. Couple the “look” with – I admit it – a natural bookishness and Wallah! I’ve been that smart girl ever since. But here’s the thing – my test scores don’t bear it out. I certainly have a stereotypical studious look, but people confuse intellectual curiosity with ability. Here I am, out of the closet: I’m average. I didn’t tell anyone for… Read more Smartie Pants WannaBe

A Good Blog Violently Executed

Oh, the education I’ve gotten in the last two months. Welcome, finally, to Seriously Quirky. I’ve changed the layout, organization, color scheme, fonts and name for this blog repeatedly for two months. This is it. I’m done. Finished. Kaput. Wink. I hope I am. I have ruined more dinners, more paintings, more essays, more explanations, by adding and subtracting and altering and changing – I’m doing it now. Pick a word and go with it. My husband and I recently agreed that I just can’t make spaghetti sauce. I keep… Read more A Good Blog Violently Executed


It’s the first Monday of 2021. I’m overwhelmed by the possibilities. For myself, for my country and the international community. I don’t think of myself as an optimist or a pessimist. I’m a realist. But even so, I’m realistically hopeful. Believing that no good comes from the bad is unpalatable to me. The divisions in our country have angered, depressed and frightened many, but isn’t it good to know the truth? The divisions were always there. The first step in addressing and correcting a problem is admitting you have one.… Read more 2021